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Traction batteries TAB MultiDry AGM VRLA 12V - 85

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One of the very important production part of your company is internal logistics. We are introducing our traction batteries TAB which have been satisfying the most demanding users for more than three decades.

Batteries are known by their high capacity, long life-time, resistance to vibrations, low consumption of distilled water, simple maintenance and short charging times.

We assemble individual cells (2V) into batteries with different voltages, capacities and dimensions which suite to all types of electrical vehicles. Wide production program covers the range of DIN (PzS) and BS (PzB) cells according to EN60254 - 1,2 and IEC 254 ñ 1,2. Traction batteries TAB of type PzS and PzB are appropriated for propulsion of different electrical vehicles (forklifts, mine locomotives, traction and transportation vehicles). We produce cells and batteries in welded version  and screw (bolted) version. Both versions are being manufactured as Dry-charged (a battery/cell have to be filled up with an electrolyte and supplementary charged before use. The plates are already formed and in special process protected against oxidation. They can be stored up to two years.) and Electrolyte-charged (a battery/cell can be installed immediately, because it is already filled up with electrolyte and electrically charged as well.)


  • Order no.: TAB MultiDry VRLA 85 AGM-172090
  • DC voltage: 12V
  • Solar: 90A
  • SLI: 85A
  • Stationary: 67A
  • Traction: 60A
  • Box type: L5
  • Base hold down: B13
  • Size (LxWxH) mm: 353 x 175 x 190
  • Weight: 24.40 kg
  • Warranty: 1 years